Custom Picture Framing

Most framers can create a design to make a piece of art look attractive, but it is what’s inside that makes the difference!

There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Picture This uses only the finest supplies to frame your works of art and valued treasures. We use only preservation quality mats, and archival tapes or mountings appropriate to the work, and recommend ultraviolet filtering glass.

What Does This Mean For Your Artwork?

A mat gives prominence to the art, and it creates a symmetry between the art and the frame. Standard paperboard mats, in use by many of the discount and craft store framers, contain lignin and are naturally acidic. This means that over time, the core of these boards will turn brown and may damage your art with acid burning, and the colors of the mats are prone to fading from UV. Picture This uses only preservation quality mats that are 100% acid and lignen free from surface to core, and are bleed and fade resistant. This means that your art is protected from acid burning, the cut beveled openings of your mat will stay white, and the color of the mat will resist fading as the years go by.

There are many ways to mount artwork. Standard mounting techniques, in use by many of the discount and craft store framers, focus on speed and cheapest materials and not quality or an appropriate mount for the art. Picture This only mounts artwork to acid free backing boards – at a minimum we mount to Acid Free Foamboard, and as the art warrants it, we can and do recommending mounting to solid rag cotton backing boards. Picture This uses preservation hinging techniques for mounting most paper art, using corners and hinge supports that are reversible and will not in any way deface the art. Needlework is always and laced or pinned with stainless steel pins, so that it can be removed if necessary without altering the piece in any way. We never use sticky board or staples, as either could damage your needlework.

An exception to our usual mounting procedures is dry mounting, where we permanently adhere your artwork to a flat acid free backing board. We only do this with artwork that is of minimal or decorative value only as dry mounting cannot easily be reversed and will greatly reduce the value of any signed, limited edition or original artwork.

Picture This is proud to offer Tru Vue ultraviolet filtering glass on all custom framed artwork. Ultraviolet (UV) light is strongest from direct sunlight of course, but there is significant UV light from fluorescent bulbs, as well. Our UV glass filters out 85% on average of all ultraviolet light, thereby greatly increasing the lifespan of your framed artwork and mats.

Quality picture framing will outlast the carpeting and furniture in your home, as well as all the cars, clothing, sound systems, televisions and kitchen appliances you ever purchase. It can pass from generation to generation and still look as good as the day it was done